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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6 Update Is Here!

Our next update, labeled as “Beyond the Gate” in our Early Access Roadmap, is finally here! We appreciate the players who participated in the beta to test the build early on.

  • Added stages beyond the gate. You can still choose to take the elevator to escape the dungeon after the third boss in the Citadel. Your run will still count as victorious, regardless of whether the gate was locked or not.
  • Reworked the base game mode danger level. The danger level will continue to be infinitely scalable. The new danger level modifiers are as follows:
  • 0: Standard.
  • 1: More elite enemies.
  • 2: More modified stages.
  • 3: Disks start with zero mana.
  • 4: The gate is unlocked.
  • 5: More traps appear.
  • 6: Deadlier bosses and enemies.
  • 7: Modifiers are more difficult.
  • 8: Multiple modifiers may appear.
  • 9+: Stronger enemies.


  • Only after danger level 4 or higher can you begin interacting with the final gate and access the area beyond it.
  • As part of the “more traps appear” modifier, we significantly optimized the traps and enemy behaviors around them. Enemies will now mostly ignore the presence of traps because trap-avoiding behavior sometimes caused errors that made them idle or broke their player-seeking behaviour.
  • Added the new boss: The Dungeon Architect. The new boss can be encountered at the end of the area beyond the gate.
  • Defeating the Dungeon Architect will reward you with the following:
  • A new weapon.
  • A new outfit.
  • A new accessory.
  • Access to a secret location called the Architect’s Chamber.
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  • Added the Architect Chamber, where most of the new 0.6 features will be implemented. Inside the Architect Chamber, you can review your previous runs and load the build. Right now, you cannot do much except for spawning dummies to measure your damage score, but more game modes will be implemented soon. At the moment, we’re limiting the number of recent runs that can be saved because we’re working on a new save system. We’ll patch out the new save system to permanently save your runs as soon as we’re ready.
  • In the 0.6.1 version update, the endless dungeon mode will be added.
  • In the 0.6.2 version update, the survive-with-your-build mode will be added.
  • Optimized the BGM memory management. Due to this change, the BGM won’t pause and unpause at the pause scene, but will instead be silent upon entering the pause scene.
  • Adjusted the base luck of the headband accessory.
  • Fixed a bug where un-equipping the headband accessory did not disable its negative effect (the shop dice not showing up).
  • Fixed a bug with an interaction between the cryomancer outfit and the gem slime accessory. Also adjusted the gem slime accessory to have a limit to spawn a slime per frame.
  • Reworked the enemy summon effect to make the progress more visible at a glance.
  • Adjusted the player’s 2D light to avoid the zig-zag tile map squares over the wall, which would no longer be visible.
  • Fixed an issue where the game setting panel would not receive any input from the mouse in the setting menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the buttons behind the game settings panel or the key configuration panel could be clickable with mouse control.
  • Added a color indicator for the availability of a button in the main menu scene.
  • Added mouse control (hover and select) for some UI objects.

    Since 0.6 beta version, the following adjustments have been made:

  • Adjusted the difficulty of the Dungeon Architect Boss. The boss will attempt to move out of the danger more frequently.
  • Adjusted the strength and rarity of the Triplet Shield Artifact. The item was proving to be too powerful in certain modes that will be coming in future updates, so we are preemptively adjusting its power scale so that it doesn’t feel like you must find this item to have a good shot at the new game modes.
  • Added the functionality to save and delete memories in the Architect’s Chamber.
  • Adjusted various UI inside the Architect’s Chamber.
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