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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.2a

  • Added a more pronounced visual indicator for the final gate after the Citadel boss. We noticed that some players were unaware of the new content behind the gate, perceiving the image of the gate as a static prop. Even if the door doesn’t open, the interact message stating ‘the gate is locked’ will now appear, providing a more noticeable presence for the contents behind the gate.
  • Adjusted certain graphical assets on the tutorial level.
  • Fixed graphical assets on the architect chamber’s portal.
  • Added an ‘evade’ text indicator for the reaper cat during its invincibility pattern (active while it is distant from the player).
  • Fixed an issue where the damage ID of the spore golem boss was incorrectly assigned with another enemy.
  • Adjusted the health limit of Giant Slims boss’s minion spawn upon losing health to minimize the chance of spawning a small slime on death.