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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.2 Arena is Open!

Added Arena Mode in the Architect Chamber. Now, you can test your builds against endless hordes of enemies! You can enter the Arena by interacting with the portal in the Architect Chamber.

  • Added “Disable Hit Effect” to reduce frame drops for those experiencing such issues.
  • Changed “Show Damage Number” to “Disable Damage Number.” We wanted the default game setting to be in the OFF mode, rather than the damage number being the single instance where ON was the default behavior. You may need to readjust the damage number option if you turned it off in previous versions.
  • Adjusted durations for elemental damage numbers.
  • Survivor Mode elite enemies no longer display nearby lights. Reducing the 2D light will slightly optimize Survivor Mode, though these optimizations may be somewhat inconsequential as there were only few of them at the time.
  • Fixed various pit (or holes on the floor) locations and sizes. Placing a pit on the world coordinates of 0 at the x-axis and y-axis divided the pit into two groups separated by the axis. In very rare cases, players could get stuck between the gap between the two groups.
  • Adjusted the bunny outfit’s jump to ignore the pit or wall colliders if the jump started from the pit (meaning players got stuck in the pit). This mechanic is not normally enabled and only serves as an emergency escape in case a player gets stuck in some part of the map.
  • Updated the move set of the old wizard enemy (bearded wizard).
  • Added dust graphics to indicate the rolling dodge action of the arcane archer enemy (archer with blindfolds).
  • Removed the ninja enemy’s projectile attack which was difficult to telegraph due to the animation played.
  • Colored the floating shadow enemy’s evil hand attack shadow to indicate it’s dangerous.