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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.1b updates and fixes

  • Fixed various errors that could occur when entering the architect chamber without a record of previous runs. Normally, the Architect Chamber is not accessible without having a record. This could likely happen if you manipulated or deleted your run save file, but there could be other issues as well, so we fixed it.
  • Adjusted the graphics for elemental affliction icons above the enemy’s HP bar. We removed the space between them to make the UI less visually obstructive and also made them a pixel-perfect distance from each other. The boss’s elemental affliction icons are now properly aligned and won’t flip based on the boss’s directional orientation.
  • Adjusted the duration of damage numbers being active. When the build became powerful enough, damage numbers would often appear on top of each other, creating a column of blur instead of legible numbers. We shortened the duration the damage numbers are active by 40%, which will also optimize the game since there would be fewer damage numbers on the screen at any given time. Some damage numbers, such as indicators for player’s taken damage, have not been altered.
  • Added UI for the dash fatigue system. You’ll start to see the red bar filling up and down the borders of the green dash stamina bar if you’ve dashed too frequently. Our intent was to hide this UI because we didn’t want players to worry about a mechanic that’s normally not achievable in most runs. However, player feedback indicated that they were more concerned about when and how this dash fatigue would trigger, so it bothered them throughout the play. Therefore, we added some minimal UI to indicate when the dash fatigue would arise. If you intend to dash while the red boundary bar is filled to the max, you’ll begin to notice that the stamina threshold marker will start to move to the right. This new red bar indicator will be only visible as the player approaches approximately 50% of the fatigue meter, so normally it will still be invisible throughout the most of your runs.
  • Significantly reduced the amount of ramping ‘fatigue’ that would stack due to the dash fatigue system. This means that the threshold arrow will move slower to the right on dash fatigue.
  • Increased the power of dash-related items. These items were nerfed in the past due to infinite invulnerability, but now that there is a system to check such cases and limit them, we feel that they no longer need to be underpowered. Pulsing boots, Wind Eater, and Royal Sorcerer’s Shoes artifacts provide more stamina. The Padded Shoes artifact got an indirect buff because it cannot be affected by dash fatigue.
  • Fixed an incorrect timing of dash recovery with the bunny outfit and the padded shoes artifact. The artifact will now correctly have a delay between the jumps as the item intended.
  • Added some extra invincibility frames after the bunny outfit’s jump (which replaces the regular dash). We intended to use the outfit’s ability as an offensive measure, but being able to take a hit as soon as the player landed was somewhat counterintuitive to our intended design. Continuously jumping will make the player invincible as long as the player has enough stamina to do so.