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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.1a fixes

  • Increased the threshold for when players enter dash fatigue. To explain, every time you dash, you obtain one stack of fatigue. While you’re not dashing for 0.625 seconds, you lose a stack of dash fatigue. If you have more than 12 stacks upon starting a dash, you’ll begin to feel dash fatigue. This means that normally spending stamina to dash, even while having triple stamina regeneration somehow, would never trigger dash fatigue. While it is a direct nerf to players and certain builds, it addresses certain combinations of items that made the game too monotonous and overpowered, incentivizing players to reroll the game until they obtained an invincible combo. Also, we felt that adding a permanent UI to indicate the dash fatigue would be visual clutter for a mechanic that’s normally unachievable.
  • Fixed an issue where quitting the infinity dungeon would unintentionally save the game after clearing the level.