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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.1 Infinity Dungeon Is Open!

  • Added Infinity Dungeon mode! It can be accessed by interacting with the elevator in the Architect Chamber. You can bring your recent or saved builds against the endless levels of the dungeon. For the details, the danger level will always be set to 4 at the start, regardless of your saved or chosen danger level, and will progressively get more difficult as the stages go on. You cannot craft or upgrade your items, so try to bring your best in the base game mode to have a shot at it!
  • Added a dash fatigue system. When you dash consecutively without resting for a long period of time, the required stamina to perform a dash will increase temporarily. Over time, the requirement will drop down to the regular amount. This system is implemented to prevent many cases in which the player could attain an infinite invulnerability period, which was harming the fun of the game. Unless you’ve somehow managed to generate more stamina than you could use, it will be difficult to even encounter this system being activated to hinder your dash behavior. A message will pop above the player’s head, and the required stamina threshold marker in the dash bar UI will move accordingly.
  • The overheating mechanic will be removed at the start of each floor in the last area of the dungeon, similar to other areas.
  • The difficulty of the Dungeon Architect Boss has been adjusted in response to early feedback, as many players felt that she posed too little challenge for a final boss. Upon close inspection, we identified some reasons and made some adjustments: Increased the elemental resistance value, similar to the Citadel bosses (Captains), and also slightly increased the health value. Due to the short duration of the ’emergency escape maneuver’ that all bosses have, the Dungeon Architect was somewhat more often vulnerable than other bosses. Slightly increased the speed of some of the Dungeon Architect’s animations to make the boss more aggressive. Because the Dungeon Architect was using a special animator, it was not affected by the danger level’s action speed modifier (at higher danger levels). This change is to counteract such shortcomings. The number of minion disks summoned at once is increased. Elemental floor trails will extend to the end of the wall, instead of leaving some empty space between the wall and the trail.
  • Changed the texts of the victory screen. The end screen will now indicate which method of victory you have achieved so it can be easier to differentiate different ways the game can end. Also improved the text’s legibility.
  • Optimized the game over best score calculation methods.
  • Optimized and stabilized the death player state logic internally. It should not affect the way it used to work, but if you happen to come across an issue, please report it to us.
  • Reworked Grace Guard artifact due to the ineffectiveness of the artifact. The new effect is “while being idle or charging, reduce damage taken by 50%.”
  • Reworked Gem Healer artifact because this item alone disrupted the value of health management. The new effect is “obtain diminishing attack speed buff upon collecting gems.” Decreased the rarity of Gem Healer artifact and also renamed it as “Horned Gem”.