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Spell Disk » Spell Disk 0.6.0a Save Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue with certain shield-providing artifacts breaking the game due to missing ID on loading the build from the save file.
  • Adjusted the fading behavior when opening the inventory immediately after loading the build from the memory gem. It will now fade away regardless of the time flow.
  • Adjusted the color of the availability of certain menu options after selection and deselection.
  • Fixed an incompatibility issue with an old save file with the 0.6 version game application. In rare circumstances, players could have loaded an incompatible save data onto the new contents, which is expecting the values that were added on more recent versions.
  • Optimized and adjusted the save file writing behavior. The contents inside the save file will be more difficult to read with your text editor, but it is more optimized to reduce the chance of data corruption.
  • Added preemptive checking on all saving attempts. During most of the saving attempts by the game application, the game will additionally check for errors. This change will make the save data not being written and lost rather than corrupting the entire save data in the event of critical error. If you see any behavior that appears like it didn’t save your most recent progress, please let us know.
  • Included the saving symbol appearance on the new contents. Due to the data being accessed through alternative paths, it did not trigger the in-game notification of the save in progress.
  • Also added the saving symbol appearance on the device setting saves.
  • Fixed the issue with backup files not being created, which was caused by detecting false flags every time. We made some adjustments to the backup file creation in version 0.5.5b because we encountered an incident in which the backup file was written from the corrupted files. That change may have prevented any backup file from being written.
  • Adjusted the error-catching behavior of the backup save file. Thank you for sending us your corrupted files; it allowed us to reproduce the corrupted file behavior on our end.