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Space Invaders Extreme » Space Invaders Day Score Contest!

That’s right, June 16th is Space Invaders Day, commemorating the day when that classic game was first active in arcades 40 years ago. And to celebrate it, there’s a free demo (play the first two stages!) out today, a discount available for the game and two score contests with prizes to be won!


6/14 (Thurs) 6pm ~ 6/17 (Sun) 6pm (PST)

Contest 1: Trial Edition Rules
  1. Download the Trial version, play until the end of Stage 2A
  2. Take a screenshot of the result screen (F12)
  3. Tweet your screenshot to @degicagames with #spaceinvaders (tell us what you enjoyed about the game too!)
  4. Multiple entries OK! Only entries made between the dates above will be valid.

Result Screen:

Top three scores will receive a Steam key for Space Invaders Extreme.

Contest 2: Extreme Edition Rules
  1. Play through Stage 1A on Free Play mode and record your score
  2. Multiple entries OK! Only scores recorded (or updated) between the dates above will be valid.


  • 1st: Signed SIE poster
  • 2nd: Exclusive decal sticker
  • 3rd: Exclusive SIE sticker

Small print:
In order to deliver prizes, we will need to contact winners via either Twitter, email or Steam. Our Privacy Policy, for reference.

Grab the demo here: