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Space Invaders Extreme » Space Invaders Day Score Contest Results!

Well, we had quite a battle at the weekend!
I thought TaosukeFox had clinched it with their 3.9m score, but then wr01r came in at 4m+ and an even higher score of 4.2m near the end, but fogg_manatic snuck in at the end with a staggering 5 million points! mtyankovich in 3rd climbed from 3m to over 4m, securing themelves 3rd place overall.

The full game saw a score rush too, perhaps most impressive of all being sciencer0122 managing to top their own previous number 1 score! However, equally impressive were out 2nd and 3rd entries who lept from the 2m point mark to well over 3m, securing themselves top placing!

We’ll contact the Trial contest winners through Twitter, and the full game winners via Steam (look out for a friend request from this account), but for now, a big thank you to everyone who took part!

Top 5 for each contest below:

Trial Version

  • 1st 5,078,900 @fogg_manatic
  • 2nd 4,272,000 @wr01r
  • 3rd 4,071,300 @mtyankovich
  • 4th 3,931,350 @TaosukeFox
  • 5th 3,759,200 @jackassforce

Full Game

  • 1st 3,864,350 sciencer0122
  • 2nd 3,249,700 foolin
  • 3rd 3,178,500 Sir Moovenstein
  • 4th 3,040,800 Soyokaze
  • 5th 2,898,050 men_gunners