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Soundodger 2 » Soundodger Turns 10! (secret song, trading cards, merch, and more)

Long Time No Dodge, Soundfans!

A Decade of Dodging

Happy Anniversary to not only Soundodger 2 releasing in Early Access on this day in 2021, not only for announcing it a year earlier in 2020, but to the grandodger of them all, Soundodger+, released as well on this day exactly 10 years ago. Wow!

To celebrate such a packed and important day, we’ve got a bunch of goodies dropping. Unfortunately, since I am now working at another company, a proper game update is not in the cards today. Speaking of cards…

Trading Cards

Trading card drops are now live for Soundodger 2! Collect them all, trade with friends, earn badges, unlock emotes, and all that other stuff people do with Steam trading cards. Oh, and some of the profile backgrounds were made by fellow Soundodger 2 level creator Oxy, so look out for those!

Points Shop

We also have a couple profile backgrounds and borders available in the Points Shop, including an animated sticker of everyone’s favorite skull.
Check em all out here!

Merch Store

Moving outside of Steam, we have 2 new shirts dropping in the merch store! (There are also a bunch of other shirts, if you are just finding out now). What better way to celebrate a thing you love than to wear an obscure reference to it on your chest? (merch store, new shirt 1, new shirt 2)
TIP: Use code SOUNDAY23 at checkout for 15% off! (good for the next week)

Soundodger on itch

The entire Soundodger franchise is also now available on itch, if you prefer to have options. This includes Soundodger+, Soundodger 2, the soundtracks for each game, and the ultra rare soundodgerLIVE. The Soundodger 2 Soundtrack in particular is special on itch, as it also contains all of the main game level files, for those who wish to pick apart the XMLs and discover how truly chaotic things are in game development.

Secret Song! Secret Level!

Last, but certainly not least, we have a secret song to announce, a lost relic to the deadline gods: a third track from longtime collaborator MOWUKIS! And not only is this track debuting for the first time, it also has a level to go along with it. If you already own Soundodger 2, all you have to do is unzip the contents and add the folder to your Documents>soundodger 2>levels folder. It’ll then appear in User Levels from the title screen. MOWUKIS has also put all three Soundodger 2 tracks into a new EP, so please support your favorite French Soundodger composer and check it out!
– Download MOWUKIS – Flows for Soundodger 2
– Check out the EP from MOWUKIS

That’s it for Sounday 2023. I hope you enjoy all the little things we put together above. I know it’s disappointing to not get some kind of an update. I would have loved to make one. I still want to do something in the future, so for now, you have trading cards to unlock and shirts to wash.

Happy Dodging,