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Soundodger 2 » Soundodger 2 is hitting 1.0 on April 10

Ahoy Dodge Folks!

The time has almost come. After 3 excruciatingly fun years, I’m proud to announce Soundodger 2 will be leaving Early Access and reaching that golden 1.0 status on April 10. That’s just 2 weeks away! I won’t scare you with how much work there still is to do on the game, but rest assured this is always how it goes no matter how much time you give yourself.

The Trailer

I’ll let this shiny new trailer do most of the explaining, but basically you should have one last goodbye to your socks before they are blown off.

The Soundtrack

The Soundodger 2 Soundtrack page is also now live and ready to be wishlisted. It’ll launch on the same day as the game (April 10, remember?) along with every track, including the ones you don’t even know about yet…

The team and I have been working hard and have plenty more wonderful work to tend to in these final 2 weeks. Please pardon us if we more or less stay silent until then.

See you in a couple weeks!