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Soulknight Survivor » Soulknight Survivor v.1.040

  • Slightly increased the radius of mighty slash.
  • Adjusted the stamina consumption formula by reducing the impact of the item damage stat.
  • Slightly increased the size of minibosses for a more imposing presence.
  • Minibosses now emit a subtle red glow, enhancing their visibility.
  • Flattened the progressive curve for souls required for skilling, making upgrades more accessible.
  • Introduced informative text in the difficulty selection window detailing the bonus souls (+50% / +100% / +200%) for each difficulty level.
  • Slightly reduced the hitboxes of corruption, bomb explosion, and blob enemy explosions for better gameplay precision.
  • Implemented an indicator, similar to the ones for minibosses and chests, for the campfire. Activation is possible by pressing Q or left trigger A on the gamepad. The indicator turns on automatically upon completing a level, aiding particularly in Ironman mode for level exit navigation.