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Soulknight Survivor » Soulknight Survivor v.1.039

First and foremost, I extend my heartfelt thanks to all of you for purchasing and playing Soulknight Survivor! As my debut project on Steam, the journey has been one of immense learning.

I want to emphasize that I value feedback, particularly when it is constructive and respectful. Many players expressed dissatisfaction with the RNG, especially concerning the random stats of items. I acknowledge that I may have pushed it a bit too far, and with this update, I aim to address these concerns and make the experience more enjoyable for most of you.

Let’s delve into the issues and changes introduced in this update step by step (for those who prefer to read only the patch notes, please scroll to the bottom).

Insufficient Equipment drops:
Increased the chance to loot equipment instead of resources.

Rarity of Looted Items:
Slightly elevated the chance to loot items with higher rarity (based on level, difficulty, and chest type).

Crafting System Enhancement:
Implemented a new system that complements the blacksmith skill in determining crafting outcomes.
Crafting an item below the highest possible rarity for the material increases the chance for the next crafted item. For instance, with Silver items capped at “rare,” each non-rare item crafted boosts the chance of getting a rare item. The chance resets upon obtaining a rare item.

Rework of Item Creation System for Crafting and Looting:
Addressed confusion around the abundance of items below the starter weapon rarity. The system has been refined to better differentiate between item rarities.

So is there still RNG? Yes, the game was built around it and I think it’s great to have some of it to make it more interesting but I hope this update enables more players to find enjoyment. Your suggestions and feedback are highly welcome, and you can join the discussion on our Discord channel:


Full patch notes:

  • Overhauled the item generation system and boosted the stats of crafted and looted weapons across all rarities.
  • Implemented the display of rarity text in the result box within the crafting window when an item is crafted.
  • Enhanced the likelihood of equipment loot, including weapons, armor, and rings.
  • Elevated the probability of obtaining items with higher rarity, particularly at higher levels and difficulties.
  • Introduced a crafting rarity system that augments the likelihood of obtaining the highest possible rarity of the material with each crafted item that falls short.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the horizontal positioning of crafting particles, which had been misaligned since the last update.
  • Bugfix: The item name now wraps to the next line when it exceeds the space available in the result box of the crafting window.