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Soulknight Survivor » Soulknight Survivor v.1.037

  • Revised the text in the shop window to enhance clarity and understanding.
  • Soulpower level-ups now completely refill Stamina.
  • Bugfix: The luck progress system, responsible for increasing loot and equipment chances after encounters without chests/equipment, was unintentionally reset at level start.
  • Bugfix: Resolved a crash issue occurring when the player died directly at the campfire.
  • Bugfix: Endbosses no longer respawn like other enemies after remaining stationary for an extended period.
  • Bugfix: Eliminated dodging from the gamepad buttons “B” on Xbox or “Circle” on the PS gamepad, as it is already designated for toggling autoaim.
  • Bugfix: Corrected the miscalculated soul cost to level up stamina after the first level-up when the skill window was opened.
  • Bugfix: Adjusted the mouse hover width of the skill buttons to match the graphics accurately.