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Other World Survivors » Small updatesV0.25.2

-The hero “Mourner” is now available ! He has got two initial skills, Spirit and Thunder Fenix.
-Added BOSS debut animation for “Dungeon Master · Mourner”.
-A new dungeon elite monster “Blood Curse Skeleton Archer” has been added. Its arrows cannot be eliminated by player skills.


-The display of “skill damage statistics” and “kill monster statistics” in the settlement page has been optimized, and the UI of the settlement page has been changed to make it more uniform.


-Fixed the problem that monsters still occupy public resources when playing death animation.
-Fixed a bug when a group of 9 swarming monsters were flying in the wrong direction.

Furture Plan:

-Improve the functions of the game UI, such as the detailed introduction of the encyclopedia series on the home page, and the detailed value viewing of various skills in the battle.
-More weapons, magic, passive skills and relics are added to enrich the playability of build.

We are making continuous efforts to make progress. The game is planned to be released in April 2023. Please add a wish list. Thank you!