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Fabric Of Reality » Small Update! (Again)

Should be the last smaller update before the big balance update. Unless anything breaks!

– Swapped the No Filler and Tripping gamemode on the tech tree
– Basic Shot Cards now level up a lot slower than other cards
– Easy mode is now only enabled the first time you launch the game
– Gamemodes now stay enabled if you close, and relaunch the game
– The SwapSlots keybind now prioritizes cards with lower levels
– Modified some attacks of the wave 90 Boss
– Renamed Easy mode to Practice mode
– Reduced the gold gain nerf for Practice mode
– Fixed a bug where Howard would stop talking when a new hint event is triggered
– Fixed a bug in shuffle where XP would only be allocated to the first few cards in the deck
– Fixed a bug in shuffle where all 100 cards could be fired even before unlocked
– You can now read what tech tree upgrades do before buying them
– Tech tree nodes now say they’re disabled when you disable them
– Added the ability to navigate the tech tree with movement / aiming buttons
– Added a popup that appears when hovering over controls scheme to let people know about the steam controller shenanigans

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