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Fabric Of Reality » Small update!

Hello everyone! Just a small update, but it comes with 1 pretty interesting balance change.
You’ll notice recycling and synergy stat points are now calculated differently 😉

– Increased the cursor speed for controllers, Hold the boost key to move it slowly
– Fixed a bug where the tech tree would randomly scroll when using controller
– You can now drag around the tech tree, instead of moving your cursor to the edges
– You now gain gold for beating the final boss
– Altered the formula used to calculate recycle and synergy stat points
– Slightly moved up the synergy text to avoid clipping
– Fixed a bug where insta-kill would not kill enemies on the critical error gamemode
– Fixed a bug where some bosses wouldn’t comply with practice mode rules
– Updated the description for Fragile on the tech tree
– Added new tips
– Made Escape a universal pause key, even when controller schemes are enabled
– Fixed a small visual bug in the menu
– Added a button in the options to reset controls

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