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Fabric Of Reality » Small Update!

Just a small update for now! Going to start working on the next big update soon 😀 It will contain some big tech tree reworks!

– Added custom music for 2 gamemodes
– Your ultimate, and friendly bullets not directly spawned from cards now contribute XP randomly to cards in your deck
– Slightly increased the damage dealt by the final boss
– You can no longer earn card XP during the final fight sequence
– Recycle stats and Synergy stats are now higher when less points are available to spend for that card
– Slightly nerfed the stats gained from recycling & synergies
– Added a new hidden mechanic to do with recycling & synergies
– Card XP now scales with the amount of XP an enemy drops on death
– Fixed a bug where buffed enemies would spawn slightly invisible in the Faded gamemode
– Fixed a bug where buffed enemies would spawn unbuffed enemies in the Hive gamemode

As usual, check out the Discord to report any bugs or provide feedback!