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Robot Resistors » Small update

Changes in

Some balance changes and small improvements while we get ready to release Stage 4. Details below.

  • Adjusted cyber blade base damage from 65→70. –Dev note: Cyber blade was a little too weak overall, this buff will help it scale slightly better
  • Changed cyber blade weapon art to be more dynamic. –Dev note: The old art was… not great.
  • Energy Burst knockback AoE increased slightly.
  • Attack damage upgrade increased from 5 → 7.5% per level. –Dev note: Another change to help with scaling, this attack damage boost will help player progression in later stages.
  • Floppy Disks default max range buffed slightly –Dev Note: Floppy disk range slightly increased to help with viability at medium-short ranges
  • 2 Dimensional Disks firing rate (time to complete a circular rotation) buffed from 4 seconds → 3.25 seconds –Dev Note: 2 Dimensional Disks were slightly underperforming compared to their regular counterpart, this buff makes them more useful from a functional standpoint
  • Reduced starting cost of Advanced Weaponry upgrade from 1500 → 850. –Dev Note: We always want to promote build diversity as much as we can, and we’ve decided to further drop the cost of Advanced Weaponry to make it a more attractive upgrade choice
  • Added a passive experience multiplier for harder stages –Dev note: This experience bonus should help incentivise playing the more challenging stages, and make it slightly easier to reach higher levels if you’re having a good run.
  • Changed Poisonator ultimate weapon art. –Dev note: The old version was leftover temp art, now it has dedicated sprites.
  • Fixed bug causing Crystal Cavern enemies and terrain to sometimes spawn inside walls
  • Fixed crash related to using Rat GPT’s Spray and Pray ability with certain weapons and ultimates.
  • Misc tweaks and minor changes.