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R-Like » Small Content Patch

Lots of new sound effects have been added with this update, including an excellent suggestion from our testers to indicate when the Phase Shift is off cooldown.

In addition there’s also now a visual indicator on or near each ship’s engines to indicate the phase shift is available so you don’t have to look away from the action.

Cargo ships with their precious special weapon upgrades also now have a audible indicator they’re about to enter the screen, to make it that little bit easier to chase them down. You might also notice the occasional faster version which drops something different…

Other small changes:

  • Massively buffed the fire rate on the flicker laser
  • Increased the damage on the standard laser and chain lightning to bring them up match other weapons
  • You can no longer accidentally click the “Expunge” or “Reconfigure” buttons while upgrades are animating