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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » SLOW RETURN TO NORMALITY

Hello, my friends!

Since I published the news about the flood I suffered, I have received more interest (likes and comments) than any update made in recent years!

This made me extremely happy and made me understand that in addition to the developer-player bond, there is a bit of love

For this reason, I want to work even harder to make sure that in the future, when you open one of my games, you will feel it more fun, warmer, and with the feeling that it was developed by one of you!


If you are interested in getting some images of what happened, search for “Campi Bisenzio flood 2023”.

The situation has not yet returned to normal, but the water has receded from almost every area and most of the mud has been taken away to allow road transport, so the first conclusions of this disaster can be drawn.

Eight people have died, hundreds of families are currently homeless, and the damage is calculated in the order of hundreds of millions of euros.


When storm Ciaran hit Tuscany on November 2, 2023, the rain began to fall with rare violence.
I remember I was out with my dog, and I was talking to my mother on my cell phone when the rain started hitting the umbrella with such force that we couldn’t hear each other anymore, not even screaming.

Statistics say that two months’ worth of rain fell in just two hours…
I honestly don’t know if it’s true, but I guarantee you that a lot… a lot… has fallen.

Many towns in the Florence-Prato-Pistoia plain were flooded simultaneously and by different rivers, a sign that the quantity of water on the ground was truly unmanageable.

In my town, Campi Bisenzio, the rivers have both burst their banks and overflowed.
Many areas were inundated with more than 150 cm of water.
In the case of my house, the water did not exceed 50 cm, but it was the most affected by the mud, as an old wall broke in at least 3 points, completely letting the water flow out.

In my street, we found ourselves having to shovel like 30 cm of mud everywhere in the house, garden and street.
I’m not a thin guy, but I guarantee you that wet mud weighs a lot, especially if you don’t sleep at night and if the humidity gets into your bones, day after day.


I saw a lot of solidarity.
Honestly, with the way the world is going, I didn’t expect to see so many people willing to roll up their sleeves to help other people from nearby countries.
We received the help of thousands of volunteers of all ages, who made themselves available to shovel the mud, to bring basic necessities and to finance these operations.

I also saw absurdly comical scenes like a group of volunteers trying to clear out an underground garage with buckets… without realizing that the water came back under their feet every time 😀

Unfortunately, there have also been many episodes that make you lose all hope for the human race, such as the fact that there have been looting actions, that there have been thefts of food items intended for flood victims and that cars have been stolen pretending to be emergency units.


Talking with the other inhabitants of my area, I discovered these consequences, some obvious, others curious:
– common back pain due to moving weights.
– intense pain in hands and feet due to continuous contact with water; we are talking about at least 7 days.
– difficulty sleeping in the rain.
– feeling of nausea when you hear water flowing, whether it is a small stream or a high-pressure washer.

In my case, having been the only one able to clean the house for many days, I now find myself with a fixed backache. I have no strength in my hands, and as soon as it becomes evening, I get constant pain inside the bones of my hands and feet, so much so that it is impossible for me to return to sports for at least another week.


I can finally go back to work most hours of the day now, even if it will take another week to finish the cleaning.


Just to summarize, in addition to updating the games already released, there are 2 projects I’m currently working on:

“Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood” has already been released but is still in Early Access. In particular, I must add the Story mode, which enriches the gameplay and justifies the battles.

A Battlefield-style game, but single-player, with both first-person and tactical components, as in BF2 and BF4.
I tell Home Wars lovers to follow this latest title (not yet available) in the future because, among the factions present, there will also be insects and perhaps even dinosaurs! Both as enemies and as fully playable units!

Furthermore, I will need this game to test some dynamics that I would like to introduce in HW2, such as physics and first-person in the invertebrate units.

In reality, I have a thousand other ideas, but being a single developer, it’s very difficult to manage everything, so I’m forced to nip some very cool ideas in the bud, perhaps hoping to realize them in the future.


Do you know those developers who managed to become millionaires with a single game (due to skill and luck)? … well, it’s not me! 😀

If you want to support me, there are 3 ways:

– Check out my latest games and see if there’s any you’re interested in!
Please buy for your own pleasure and not out of compassion for what just happened to me. Ultimately, I received very little damage compared to other families affected by the flood.

– If you like one of my games, it would be great if you left a review to encourage other potential players to purchase!

– Good old word of mouth!
I certainly can’t invest in advertising now, so good word of mouth would be very helpful to me at this moment


What doesn’t kill you strengthens you… but it tires you out a lot… 😀

I REALLY thank you from the bottom of my heart for being close to me at this moment, and I promise that I will try to reciprocate this love with healthy fun in the months/years to come!

Talk to you in the next updates, my dear keyboard friends!