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Sky Survivors » Sky Survivors Full Release!

New Character – Dana

Dana can unleash the power of the ocean onto enemies through the new “Ocean” skill tree.

New Weapon – Chakram

Fires chains, that deal heavy damage, but unable to fire again, until all the chains returned back to you. Projectile speed might help a lot!

New Skills


The Axe spins around you, damaging nearby enemies. Can be upgraded to apply ignite and poison.

Blade Dance

The Blades strike enemies around you. The faster you move, the more often Blades strike.


Thunder strikes random enemies and applies Shock debuff causing them to take more damage.

Balance Changes

We’ve changed balance everywhere across the game:

  • Almost all chatacters, weapons and skills were rebalanced.
  • The “Restraint” skill tree was reworked completely.
  • New “Dodge” stat was introduced to the game.
  • Meta-Upgrades prices were lowered

A lot of art across the game were updated to achieve more consistent style.

We hope you will like this changed and we are looking forward for your feedback!