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Super Fantasy Kingdom » Six months later… Alpha!

It’s now been six months since the demo was released on Steam. What was just meant as a test really changed my life. Since then we’ve grown a real community, the game’s got a wiki, I opened a company and found a publisher, the game got exhibited at Gamescom, and most importantly, it got so much better thanks to you.

The amount of feedback was overwhelming at first, but it has proven itself so incredibly valuable.
We had 96 updates. Almost one every second day!

So what changed?

There were countless gameplay, quality of life, UI, performance, accessibility, graphical, and balance changes. But here are the big headliners:

  • Taxes get collected by the king
  • Added church and the faith skill tree
  • Reworked how animals and meat works
  • Got a chef that can level up
  • New stats with Mana and Rage!
  • Over 25 new relics
  • New characters and guests
  • Even a few new units
  • Upgradable walls and towers
  • Daytime ambiance, new weathers and music improvements
  • Experience catch-up mechanics
  • Many new status effects
  • Monster capturing
And now?

We are reaching the end of the prototyping phase. I am getting more and more happy with where the game is and want to focus more on new content, which means updates to the demo will get less.

Closed alpha

That also means a closed alpha will start soon. We have already started to form a group of testers. For now only active community members will get selected, as we need people really sharing their feedback.

So please join the community and help!

Once we need a bigger pool of testers I will make an announcement here on how to apply.

– Feryaz