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SHPR » SHPR – Version 4.0

Hello guys!
This is one of the most extensive updates for this game so far!
It includes 8 new items, the option to freeze items and interest for the shop.
Income/items cost have changed and the enemies and items received many other balance changes and overall improvements.
Some of the levels were redone, some items received small buffs/nerfs so expect a more balanced experience.


(Level 1 effects for each item)

  • The HP of some enemies has been modified.
  • Many of the already existing enemies received small changes, including nerfs and buffs.
  • Multiplied all income and items costs by 10 to allow for easier balancing.
  • Added an option to freeze items and keep them for the next level.
  • Added interest, giving to the player more room to create their own strategy (buying items normally, waiting for gold to pile up and take advantage of that later on or finding a middle point between them)
  • The level 2 and 3 version of every items will cost less

See ya next time ːCoolRockː

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