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SHPR » SHPR – Version 3.0

Hello everyone!
I am here once again presenting you the changes in the newest update!
As most of you already know, the game was in a pretty unbalanced state. A build could easily beat the game within a blink of an eye, while some of them would even struggle to keep up with the basic enemies.
All the levels and stages were completely redone, enemies are now more balanced, and items as well.
The game has also received many UI improvements, bug fixes and Quality Of Life changes.
They include, but are not limited to:


  • X is a value that changes accordingly to the level of each item

  • Hexagon – A ranged enemy that will periodically shoot many waves of bullets in multiple directions
  • Lasers – They will spawn periodically starting from the second stage, as shown in the difficulty screen
  • Elites – They are versions of the already existing enemies. They are stronger, bigger and their abilities are empowered.

  • The HP of all enemies has been modified.
  • The bosses will no longer spawn their smaller counterpart infinitely, making it more beatable for certain builds.
  • Many of the items received tweaks.

  • Added a STATS tab in the menu so you can see how much damage you deal, your range, etc.
  • Modifier the ITEMS tab so it shows the effects of each item, based on level.

  • Reduced the amount of gold received
  • Tweaked the cost of some items.
  • The cost of an item will now increase to 2/3 if you upgrade it.
  • All weapons will now cost 2 gold each.
  • Modified the description of every item to show their effect more accurately based on the level they have

See ya next time ːCoolRockː

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