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Hello guys!
This is the last content update for this game.
Before going into what has been added, I would want to thank you for playing the game!
It was an amazing experience to develop this game alongside you guys that provided me with the necessary feedback.
It didn’t go very well if you compare it to the industry standard, but I am more than pleased with it since it is my first ever experience with publishing and managing a game of this scale.
It will definitely not be my last project as I am working on another game at the moment, so stay tuned!

  • Engineer – 1/2/3 stationary machineguns will spawn in a random position and will shoot at enemies. The bullets fired by them will apply on hit effects
  • Laser gun – Each time you fire 4/3/2 bullets a laser will hit a random enemy dealing damage to it

And as always, see you guys next time! ːCoolRockː

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