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Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate » Shotgun King on consoles August 24th + all our other games are coming to Steam!

Chess fans and frustrated monarchs of all horizons, hear hear!

We have a double announcement for you today! Both have been in preparation for quite a long while, so we hope you’re as excited as we are.

First, Shotgun King: The Final Checkmate is coming to Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on August 24th!!

This is all thanks to our friends at Headbang Club who did incredible work of adapting the game to both the technical and design exigencies of modern consoles, and with very little help from us. The game even has some brand new art, a new interface for consulting achievements directly in-game, new controls, some new localizations, and a tutorial which I personally did the writing for! (though they wouldn’t let me put “horse f❤❤❤ers” in there but that’s ok) The result is super slick and professional and we can’t wait for you to see it!

Plus, I mean, who hasn’t been wanting to play Shotgun King on the go with their Nintendo Switch, right?

But that’s not all, here comes the second announcement for you PC gamers!

All our other games are coming to Steam, one every week, starting next Thursday!

You may or may not know this but we actually make a lot of games! For half of 2021 and the better part of 2022 we made a new game every month, and we intend to do it again for the entirety of 2024! So we already have 14 games, only 2 of which are currently on Steam: Shotgun King and Moonpong. Well this is about to change!

Our very first game Antecrypt is releasing here on Steam next week on Thursday the 3rd, with an updated Soundtrack as well as Steam achievements and Steam cloud support! And then every subsequent Thursday, another of our games will come out, until we completely run out sometime around 3 or 4 months from now!

Though it’s not complete you can see all the games that already have a Steam page here.

And please check-out the new trailer for Antecrypt! It’s a single-stick arena shooter where the crosshair simply bounces around the screen and you have to shoot down enemies with your rechargeable laser beam!

Thanks for your attention! More news for the PC version of Shotgun King are coming at some point in the near future!
Have a great week!

-PUNKCAKE Délicieux 🥞