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Bullet Bunny » SHMUP Festival! New Guns, Heroes, and Hard Mode!

Hey Bunny Lovers!

Bullet Bunny will have a brand new Demo available for the SHMUP Festival! With two new never before guns (Bone Barrel + Salamandro), two new never before seen heroes (Porter + Nikki), and a new difficulty that features a new boss and 2 new enemies.

The Bone Barrel is a unique gun made out of bones that shoots… dog bones! These bones have a chance to summon a wee little doggo!

The Salamandro is a shotgun like weapon that shoots out hot pellets. These pellets deal extra damage based on your fire damage!

Try out the two new heroes, Nikki and Porter! Nikki is a mechanic that starts off with two turrets. She can repair (buff) her turrets to shoot faster and harder! Porter is a tricky mercenary that can teleport around the map while shooting blast of bullets.

Try out the new guns and heroes and see if you can beat “Hard” mode. Be careful though, there’s some tricky new enemies that appear out of nowhere!

Enjoy, Pen