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Nomad Survival » SHMUP Fest, New Game Project, and Price Change.

Hello! Long time no see. Hope everyone is doing well.


I’m happy to announce that Nomad Survival is in the Steam SHMUP Fest (ongoing right now!) and is currently 30% off. To get right to the point, however, this is the last time Nomad Survival will be this cheap. I’ll explain more on this later.

New project: Shadowkin

For some good news, I’d like to announce that I’m currently working on a brand new project in the genre. I announced this in the Discord server a couple days ago, which you can join here:

I am deeply in love with the bullet heaven genre. I love playing games in it and I love what’s possible with the formula, but I also have noticed that the surface has barely been scratched with what can be done in this genre. It was through this realization that I began working on Shadowkin

…which is early enough in production that I don’t even have a trailer made for it yet. Shadowkin is a whole lot of stuff that I wish I could’ve put into Nomad Survival, but simply wouldn’t have made any sense. It’s a game that’s vastly different and I think you guys are going to love it. If you’re interested, please check it out and perhaps even wishlist it (this helps a lot!).

I have a lot to say about the game but I think it’d be even better if I could get a demo of the game in your hands so you can see for yourself, so I’ve been hard at work getting it ready for that. If it seems interesting to you, joining our Discord server is the best way to stay updated:

Price Changes

Back to the bad news of pricing, I’ve actually been doing 30% off for a while now, but Steam recently changed their policies when it comes to pricing. They enforced new price minimums and ultimately what this means is that Nomad Survival is too cheap to ever be discounted again. I can’t even discount it at 10% off because Nomad Survival is so cheap that it’s actually below Steam’s threshold by default.

I wasn’t expecting this to happen. I was perfectly content keeping Nomad Survival as one of the cheapest games in the genre because I made a promise that that’s exactly what I’d do. I promised that I wouldn’t increase the price. However, sales are a very big deal for the game. You would be surprised to learn just how many more sales Nomad Survival gets when it’s on a discount. But, in its current state, I can no longer give it discounts, which also means I can no longer participate in many Steam sales.

Unfortunately, this means that when SHMUP Fest ends, I’m going to have to increase the price of Nomad Survival from $2.99 USD to $4.99 USD, which is more standard for the genre but feels weird because I’m increasing the price without doing any kind of big update. Please understand that I don’t have much choice in the matter. Here’s the article if you’re curious:

Anyone who checks the article may misinterpret that I could still do discounts at $2.99, but there’s a problem. From the article: “The minimum base price that can be entered for any and all products on Steam must be at least equivalent to Steam’s recommended currency conversion for the $0.99 USD tier.” It’s the currency conversion that gets me. Unfortunately, there are some countries where their currency is very weak. It’s not their fault and I certainly don’t blame the people living there, but with keeping that in mind, Nomad Survival is way below threshold.

This means I’m actually going to need to do one other thing on top of the price change, and I hate having to bring this up. A while back, Steam offered devs new currency conversion recommendations:

Nomad Survival never updated. I didn’t want to alienate people in countries with weaker currencies. However, with the new minimum price threshold, if I don’t change currency conversions, my game will still be in a bad spot with the price increase. Unfortunately, this means I’m going to have to increase currency conversion rates at the same time as increasing the price.

This means that Nomad Survival is EXCEPTIONALLY CHEAP in some countries, but that will change shortly after SHMUP Fest ends. If you wanted to buy Nomad Survival, now is the best time as it’ll never be cheaper than what it is right now.

I sincerely apologize to everyone who would be affected by this. There’s simply not much I can do at this point so I wanted to let you all know now that this is going to be happening.

No matter what, thank you for reading. Stay awesome.