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Outer Terror » SHMUP FEST 2023 has ARRIVED!!!

Hey Everyone!

Today we’d like to make a quick announcement about an upcoming steam event that we will be participating in, SHMUP Fest!

SHMUP Fest is an event celebrating Shoot’em Up, Twin Stick Shooter, and Bullet Hell games. Luckily we have a game that fits the criteria of all three of these categories, Outer Terror. For the week of September 25th, though October 2nd, Outer Terror will be on sale for just $5.99 (40% off)!

Outer Terror is the perfect game to pick up for your SHMUP Fest activities, as it nails just about every category you can think of. First, Outer Terror is a hybrid twin stick shooter. Although the game can be controlled automatically similar to Vampire Survivors & Crimsonland by just moving, players can opt to take control of their character’s aim by going into manual aim mode (via button toggle).

This will allow the player to move with their left control stick, while aiming with their right. The game is also packed with swarms of enemies to mow down using a huge variety of weapons. Ever wanted to use a shotgun with a chainsaw attached to it in order to cut down hordes of 80’s themed monsters? Look not further than Outer Terror!

Outer Terror features five chapters of Horror. The SHMUPiest of the levels though, has to be Humans are Food. In this chapter the player will be investigating an underground bunker. The player will have to explore crowded halls filled to the brim with enemies.

Eventually you’ll reach the dining room where the aliens are eating. These rooms will test your SHMUP skills by having enemies swarm you. You’ll have to dash, shoot, and kill your way out to safety.

If you’re interested in picking up Outer Terror, make sure you look at our “how to” video series, where we go over everything you need to know about Outer Terror.

Thank you for your continued support of Outer Terror.

Stay Tuned for more exciting updates, more news and reviews roll-out as our support continues for the game!