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Shadowkin » Shadowkin Playtest is now live!

Hello! Hope everyone is doing well.

The playtest is now live. If you already applied, you should be in automatically. If you haven’t applied yet, you should be accepted pretty much immediately upon applying.

The big thing here is that the playtest is going to be seeing a lot of little hotifxes and patches. Making posts about them here will be rather cumbersome, so I strongly encourage you to join the Discord to see this information if you’d like to know about it. Here’s a link to that again:

Here are some quick notes about the Playtest. Please be sure to read them. Thank you, and as always, stay awesome.

The Playtest is very much so in an ALPHA state. There are incomplete features, temporary setups, and in general not an absolute ton of content. The purpose of the playtest is to get feedback on the direction of the game and what’s currently implemented. Let me know what you like and what you don’t like. Constructive criticism and feedback are very much welcome and appreciated. Remember: I can’t know if something sucks if nobody tells me! Let me know your thoughts!

If you’re a content creator, streaming the game or making a video is totally fine, just please keep in mind that the game is in its alpha. It’s gonna be more than just a little rough around the edges!

A lot of skills are missing. I’m planning to start with 7 skills per element (excluding character skills), but right now a lot of elements only have 1 or 2 skills in them, with the Neutral element having the most. The skills can be pretty complex, so they take time!

Only Tier 1 Relics are available. Even if the text in the game says it will be offering you higher tiers, it will not. Only Tier 1 Relics are implemented and you will only ever be offered Tier 1 Relics.

Disabled buttons (greyed out) are planned, just not currently implemented.

You currently cannot change the resolution of the game or change how its displayed. This is planned! Just ended up being tricky.

The feature involving hovering over icons to see their information is currently not implemented. I’m going to be working on this pretty soon.

THE GAME DOES NOT SAVE WHEN YOU CLOSE IT. It saves between runs while you’re playing it, but if you ever close the game, all is lost. There’s no meta upgrades yet, so this is really only going to affect any changes you made in your Settings.

There will be bugs! Let me know if you find any.