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  • An Endgame Boss has been added to the Mining Expedition mode.
  • New types of enemies have been added.
  • In-game events have been added.
  • Small adjustments have been made to game balance.


Meet Lecronator!

  • To complete the Mining Expedition mission, you now have to confront and defeat the Lecronator, who appears in the Final Mining Zone.
  • The Lecronator currently has two types of attacks. In the first attack, when the character approaches, it strikes around itself, creating a rush wave. In the second attack, it generates tendrils that attack the character.

In future updates, we will be adding different attack types and phases to the Lecronator. Please share your feedback with us!

New Enemy Types

We are adding 5 different types of enemies to the game. We are distributing them across the maps and evolution levels. Now, the basic enemies on the maps are different, and a new enemy type is added to the maps every 3 evolution levels.

  • Scorpion enemies spin around for a while before targeting the character and attacking. They have similar health and damage values to regular enemies but are much faster.
  • Slime enemies move in random directions after emerging from cells. They have high health.
  • Fly Thrower enemies take a certain distance from characters and throw fly enemies. Fly enemies follow the character, and if they collide with the character, disappear and deal damage.
  • The Slowdown Explosive enemy type creates a slowing area where it explodes. If the character comes into contact with this area, they are slowed down.
  • The Poisonous Explosive enemy type creates a poison area where it explodes. If characters and enemies come into contact with this area, they take damage.

We have designed the new enemies to be strong against different builds, so don’t hesitate to try different builds if you encounter a difficulty you can’t overcome!

In-game Events

We are introducing 4 types of in-game events that can strengthen your character in various ways. These are Upgrade Parts, Station Areas, Cursed Upgrades, and Temporary Buffs. All in-game events are scattered randomly across the map.

  • When you collect 3 Upgrade Parts, you receive two upgrades for the ability that your character is closest to getting a special upgrade for.
  • When you enter a Station Area, your character benefits from the buff of the Station Area they are in.
  • Cursed Upgrades are available in the game starting from the 2nd Evolution Level. Cursed Upgrades greatly enhance some of the character’s attributes while significantly reducing others. Discretion is advised. 🙂
  • Temporary Buffs are available in the game starting from the 5th Evolution Level. To obtain temporary buffs, you need to destroy Crystal Enemies with buffs on them.

Balance Adjustments

  • Early and mid-game damage dealt by enemies has been reduced.
  • Health drop chance of enemies has been decreased.
  • Awarded bioshard for every run has been increased for every evolution stage.
  • Prices for Workshop upgrades have been raised.
  • Knockback Distance upgrade of Project Lute in Workshop upgrades has been strengthened. Burn Duration upgrade in the same project has been changed to Burn Chance.
  • The base penetration value of the Spiral Shot ability has been increased, and the cooldown time has been reduced.
  • The quantity of the Vortex Blades ability has been increased by 1, but the cooldown time has also been slightly increased.