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Missiles Away » September 28 Update (Linux Support)

Hello everyone,

This update brings Linux support as well as some bugfixes and gameplay changes.


-The project has been upgraded to Godot 4.1
-The game is now available on Linux (Linux build is not fully tested, feedback from Linux users is greatly appreciated)
-We now have a Discord server, join here:


-Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the shield from saving the player. (Shield now works properly)
-Tactical nuke no longer crashes the game.
-Minigun can now properly be upgraded beyond level 4.
-Dying during the upgrade sequence no longer causes the game to be soft-locked on death screen.
-Fixed minor visual/physics related bugs caused by extremely high frame rates.
-Jet Fighters now properly de-spawn upon leaving the map.
-Fixed the audio distortion caused by too many enemies surrounding the player.


-Fire rate of the Lock-on Missiles have been decreased significantly.


-Directly flying into a big group of enemies might destroy more than one shield (Difficult to do unintentionally).
-There’s an unidentified problem that still causes crashes, usually around halfway through the run.
-Restarting also very rarely crashes the game.
-If the player presses fire button just as the upgrade sequence starts, automatic weapons might be stuck firing on their own until the player activates then deactivates them.
-Menu music might occasionally play in-game.