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Sector Sweep » Sector Sweep: Meet the team!

Hello sector sweepers!
Meet the fresh faces that joined our squad and give them a warm welcome! Here are your new teammates 👇



The mysterious Hunter never shows their face. A former smuggler and gunrunner with nothing to lose, and a ton of gun experience under their belt – they were the perfect fit for a leader of the Sector Sweepers guild. And so, the legend was born.

The Hunter serves as the current captain of the GSS Dynasties.


Demolition Expert, short and simple. This hound specializes in grenades, land mines and all other kinds of bombs. If there’s something that needs to explode, the Mongrel is your boy to do it.

Masty has some Unfinished Business with Don Albino, that he doesn’t want to talk about.


Sergeant Curlicue is a former army engineer, and a veteran of the second galactic war. Her engineering brain is the sole reason the ship still operates in one piece, after all those years.

She is the current ship navigator, focused on transporting the crew safe to the next sector marked for sweeping.


Originally, a part of the neural network governing the GSS Hercules. Currently, the AI is operating an autonomous body known simply as Charlie. This core team member of the Sector Sweepers always know how to raise the team spirit.

The AI seeks revenge on their nemesis, the Big Wheelie, the main factor behind Charlie’s ship’s demise.



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