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Galak-Z » Season 5 DLC Beta [04/14 – 04/18]

Enter The Void!

Welcome to a sneak peak of GALAK-Z’s much anticipated and free downloadable content, The Void.

This content will be available starting Thursday, April 14th, 11pm EST until Monday, April 18th, 8am EST. It is an extension to the existing season-based story but with a twist—instead of continuing with the same story based missions, The Void is an endless mode in the chaotic depths of space where you can enjoy the core moment-to-moment gameplay at the heart of GALAK-Z. Every run in The Void ends only by perishing. There are no save points. There is no mercy. However, your score will be posted each time to online leaderboards so that you can compete against other players’ high scores.

Unlocking The Void

In order to access the Beta version and The Void content, you will need to switch to the Beta branch within the Steam interface. To do so, right-click on the game from your Steam library page and select Properties. Click on the BETAS tab, and select The Void.

How to play

Once you select The Void from the title screen in GALAK-Z, a cutscene will be triggered giving you a brief explanation of how the gameplay works. We recommend you don’t skip it, as it provides context for this new mode.

Please Report Any Issues You Encounter

We are very interested in hearing about any issues you may have during your time playing! Please report any issues using our bug report form, available here:

When submitting a bug report, please include your save data and output log files, which can be found at


What happens to my save data?

Any progress made in the Arcade or Rogue modes of GALAK-Z while on The Void beta branch will not be saved. When the beta has ended, your version of GALAK-Z will revert to the pre-beta version and your old save data will be restored.

General Info
  • Daily Challenge mode: Once per day, all players can play with the same set loadout, to compete on a level playing field for the highest Leaderboard score.
  • Void Run mode: An infinite mode that can be played over and over to set new high scores on the Leaderboards.
  • The Void will be available for PS4 & Steam players upon launch in a matter of weeks.
  • More story and Void details will be revealed in the coming weeks.