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BloodDome Classic » SEASON 01 IS NOW LIVE [patch notes inside]

Hello contestants! Welcome to Season 01. Here’s some important information you should know as you enter the new season

Major Features
  • Supply Drones: Supply Drones now appear at regular intervals in all modes. Destroying them drops a power up which immediately triggers a level up, granting a new perk. The drones speed up as the game goes on, and the power ups disappear pretty quickly, so try to act quickly if you want to take advantage of them
  • Unlockable Palettes: Added over 35 unlockable palettes and color options. Palettes are unlocked by hitting certain TOTAL DOLLAR (the number of dollars earned across all your runs) milestones, unlocking achievements, or meeting certain hidden conditions
  • Bullet Heaven Mode: Aim and shoot automatically so you can play with only the WASD keys or single analog stick. Bullet Heaven mode is unlocked by earning a certain Steam achievement and scores are tracked on a separate leaderboard
  • Professional Mode: Allows you to pick from all the available perks every time you level up. Also adds some HUD overlays with additional information on damage, speed, enemy health, and more. Professional mode is unlocked by earning a certain Steam achievement and scores are tracked on a separate leaderboard
  • SPREADSHOT now reduces bullet size
  • PASSIVE INCOME now increases movement speed
  • SCORCHED EARTH now decreases enemy health and movement speed
QOL and Other Changes
  • The perk screen now has a short animation when it appears, during which you cannot select a perk. This should help to reduce/eliminate accidentally choosing a perk by mis-click
  • The perk screen now shows the number of times each perk has been chosen during the run
  • The number of points put into Passive Income is now visible in the pause menu
  • Added a leaderboard viewer to the Extras menu that allows viewing the leaderboard for any configuration of modes that you have played
  • Fixed special characters (e.g. foreign alphabets) not showing on the leaderboard
  • Some UI changes
  • Console log: You can now toggle a console log with the ~ key. If you have any issues while playing please enable the log, take a screenshot of any errors posted there, and share it with us on Discord of the Steam Community page