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Sea of Survivors » Sea of Survivors sails into Early Access!

Ahoy Pirates!

Happy to announce Sea of Survivors has entered Early Access! We’ve been building and playtesting for a long time now, and we’re finally ready to open it up to the world.

Early Access introduces:
  • 9 new Islands to find
  • 12 new bounties
  • A new secret boss
Will your progress from the Demo carry over?

Your progress from the demo will continue over as long as:

  • You’re playing on the same PC you played the demo on, OR
  • You play on the same PC you played the demo on once, before you start playing on the new PC.
What are we doing next?
  • We’ll be watching the Steam Community Hub and Sea of Survivors Discord closely for any reported issues.
  • We’ll be localizing the game into a few languages.
  • We’ll be enabling all the bounties as steam achievements.
  • We’ll be routinely shipping new content to find on your voyages.

Join the Discord and help shape the future of Sea of Survivors with us!

Smooth Sailing,
Nah Yeah Games.