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Scrumlords » SCRUMLORDS Dev Blog #2: We’re Still Working We Swear!

Hello Scrumlords! The dev team has collectively arisen from their Starfield-induced comas and are eagerly diving headfirst back into work on SCRUMLORDS. We’ve gotten lots done and have lots more planned!

We’ve received some great feedback from the community and have been working to address some of the biggest issues in the upcoming 1.1 Quality of Life update.


  • Buddy health and armor has been increased to make them feel less WIMPY
  • Players can now use either of the shift keys to sprint
  • Divided options menu into audio settings and graphics settings
  • Added an option for fullscreen or windowed mode
  • Added option to change screen resolution
  • Added option to mute all sounds

Issues/Features Still Being Worked On

  • Options for changing keybinds
  • Steam lists install size at 4ishGB. (This one has us befuddled. The final install size of SCRUMLORDS is 1.2ishGB)
  • H3 mines in Tau Ceti system have clogged up production chain and prevented flow of copper and iron ore to manufacturing hub

Check back in the next few days, for Update 1.1 to go live and try out these changes yourself!


Currently the gameplay loop in SCRUMLORDS is:

  • Enter Level
  • Fight bad guys
  • Enter slightly different level
  • Fight more bad guys
  • Repeat til dead

This loop, while functional, is LAME and STUPID and MUST BE FIXED.

One of the hallmarks of games in the Roguelike genre is the importance of player choice. In our Campaign revamp, we plan to introduce a new campaign map system similar to those found in Slay the Spire and FTL. This revamp is just out of the planning phase, so we don’t have any new images to share just yet, the art team is hard at work bringing this new vision for SCRUMLORDS to life. Here is a list of planned features for the CAMPAIGN REVAMP:

  • Campaign map with branching paths
  • Various different level types (i.e. battles, shops, events, boss rooms, etc.)
  • New Items which can be picked up during a run and provide various buffs/debuffs
  • New Boss Enemies and campaign ‘win’ rewards

With the scope of this revamp, the team expects to have this update live sometime this Winter. (And if they don’t, there will be severe consequences)

That’s all we got today. Thanks for reading. Ciao.