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Schism » Schism is out in Early Access! Update 0.1.16


After years of development, including about 10 months since 2 Left Thumbs first signed the game, Schism is finally launching into Early Access! But don’t let that label deceive you.

Schism is launching as a near fully-completed game. It is already packed to the brim with complex items and systems that layer together in fun and infinitely engaging ways. “Early Access” is simple the easiest way to signal, there is plenty more to come!!


🔹 Switch Frequencies to dodge bullets
🗺️ 9 randomized Floors
🎲 120+ Relics of power
🔫40+ Weapons w/ gun-mods
✝️ 14 gods to worship
💪 8 Stats to level up
🥞 MANY more layers to discover!!

Launch Update

Alongside the transition to Early Access, we are dropping a new update! This includes new relics, weapons, and more – as well as balancing and fixes thanks to the diligent bug reporting from fans and playtesters!

If you encounter any bugs (or have other feedback for us), please drop a reply in the official Steam bug reporting thread, or come give as a shout in the Discord!

-new weapon: Deep League
-new weapon: Sir Spellington
-new weapon: Rainbow Rider
-new weapon: Boom Stick
-new weapon: Crowd Pleaser
-new weapon: Hook Sinker

-new event: Hygeniust
-new event: Memory Enthusiast

-new achievement: Holier than Thou
-new unlockable god: Prime
-new relic: Panacea
-new relic: Base Reality
-new relic: Wrath of Prime

-reduced amount of chests given from random room rewards and completion points

-Holy G weapon has a new shoot sprite and sound
-plant trap spawns don’t count as enemies until fully grown (thanks dave)

-fixed description inconsistency with Treasure Card (thanks pnok)
-fixed major bug with memory card use (thanks dave)
-fixed fate god not properly unlocking its achievements (thanks dave)
-fixed free attack weapon mod going below 0 (thanks dave)
-fixed being able to farm toxic god xp from infinite spawning minions (thanks pnok)
-fixed crash with room exit surfaces (thanks dave)
-fixed crash when immunoless disease was cured (thanks pnok)
-fixed dog bot spawning when the item was lost (thanks dave)
-fixed being unable to access options at title screen