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ArenaMania » Sandbox Mode is here!


You can make your own challenges in the Sandbox mode. Select a map, choose your enemies, customize spell levels and more.

This update brings some quality changes based on community requests.

  • Better volume control.
  • Chest indicator on level select that shows previously earned chests.
  • Controls layout is now presented in the menu.
  • Some bug fixes.

Controller support:
In order to make this work you will have to do a few steps if you haven’t already.
1. Go to Steam –> Settings –> Controller –> General Controller Settings
2. Check the box for your controller. This will allow you to control the cursor with your controller.

You can customize the controller layout in Steam:
1. Select the game in your library.
2. If your controller is connected an option will appear called Controller Layout.
3. Change your current layout from Gamepad to Keyboard (WASD) and Mouse.
4. You can also change the cursor control sensitivity here. It is set to a high value by default.

If you encounter any kind of bug, we highly encourage you to report it either in our discord server, or in our steam forum.

Thank you for all the feedback! We will keep an eye on them for our next update too, so stay tuned!