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Mercenaries of the Kingdom: First Blood » SAD NEWS …

My friends, yesterday my town suffered an incredible flood.

In just a few hours the rain managed to fill the rivers that descended from the nearby mountains; I have never seen so much water fall in such a short time (about 6 hours).
A riverbank near my house gave in to the force of the water and broke.

Unfortunately, there were victims and several people are still missing.
Many people risked drowning in their own homes.

I’m fine, but a lot of mud has entered my house (as well as those of my neighbors), so I have to roll up my sleeves and clean everything, saving what can be saved.

The hardware I work with is upstairs, so all my games are safe, but, as I imagine you will understand, all the development will have to come to a complete stop for a few days.
I will be able to continue to provide support in the Community Hub before bed.

When everything gets back to normal, I will be happy to resume the development of my games, including updates to already released ones.

I’m the first one to regret this temporary stop, sorry.

This planet probably no longer knows how to tell us that we must pollute it less and has resorted to the “hard ways”.

I want to tell you this disaster hasn’t affected my spirit as a game developer in the slightest, on the contrary, I’ve come up with some very “insane” ideas to include in games and maybe use this experience to make a game, who knows.

I greet you and see you when there is less mud around me 😀