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Rungore » RUNGORE Devlog 06.08.2023

Heyo people, devlog arrived

So, the last month was all over the place, but we are steadily moving forward. 10 out of 15 levels are made and a couple new mechanics are added.

Right now i see a shift with how we design stuff.
During early stage of the game we had a lot of restrictions in mob design, because its sort of difficult to not overwhelm the player from the start when the game has such a unique gameplay. Right now we are designing levels at which the player would be accustomed to the RUNGORE environment, and so all breaks are off.
We have such insane battles now… Just… Be prepared to get trolled by game mechanics repeatedly on full release

So, the stuff that i can actually show you:

1. Cursed cards

They mess up your hand, they actively move to your mouse and they try to get played against your will. They will most likely kill you

2. Zalgo!

I’ve spent weeks trying to add Zalgo text support to our font. But it turned out to be impossible. Those cursed fonts work best in browser, they somewhat work in text editors, and they don’t work at all in our engine. It has something to do with how text rendering code is set up and how it exactly interacts with UTF-8 encoding *blah-blah-blah nerd stuff*.
So we decided to imitate it with code anyway because its cool


So yeah, we made a couple new ones. Fast bombs, mines, healing bombs, resurrecting bombs and -my favorite- fast resurrecting bombs. When you place them just right they do insane stuff

stay tuned, folks, there is more to come. Also, don’t forget to wishlist the full game