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Rungore » RUNGORE Devlog 06.07.2023

Heyo people, it’s devlog time. Again.

So, as you know, we participated in steam next fest and it was very pog. It took quite a bit of time to polish the demo and hustle different localizations, but we still managed to add some cool stuff alongside all this.

1. The rest of the enemies are drawn

Finally it is over. I took sooooo loooooong that i feel exhauted just thinking about it. (Yes, the guy who writes these posts and our artist are actually the same guy)

Not every game can flex 100+ different enemies that have different mechanics. But we can.

2. HUB is filled with guys

Almost all of them are already drawn. The HUB looks cooler than ever

3. We are adding mimics

Dark souls is cool, and we are cool too. And the best way show the world that you are cool is to put mimics into your game. Hell yeah

Okay, that’s it for now.
Stay tuned, folks, there is more to come.

(Don’t forget to wishlist our game btw)