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Rungore » RUNGORE 0.8 is here!

What’s new:

1. New characters

Mage guy is only good at one thing: casting “meteor strike” spell.
Copes with not being able to do summoning magic by summoning
(crafting) scarecrows and stools to help him in battle


Summoner Guy would love to learn “meteor strike” spell, but he can’t.
Copes with not being proficient enough in classical magic by smashing
skulls with his morningstar.

Both characters got new deck, each having 25 new cards.

2. Pet Guy’s rebalance

New Pet Guy gets
armor instead of dodge and has some options in his arsenal for making
poison builds. Very cool

Pet Guy’s new cards:

3. A bunch of new potions

Now you can complete quests to upgrade your potions. Your character will
become extremely strong with those, but they cost quite a bit.

But don’t use the giga secret potion, noone knows how to open it

4. Hero unlocks

We revamped those quite a bit and now they can even feature new bits of levels as well as some dialogues between characters

5. Better buff effect visualization

Before we had it only before the battle under the enemy stats, but now you can look at all the current buffs that combatants have.

6. Economy and gear overhaul

The price of everything has been recalculated.

Gear pools were edited.

Potions are cool and cost a lot more.

Now the player will always have something to spend their money on and have at
least a couple options of how to progress further in the game.

7. A bunch of qol changes and fixes

– Dots at the bottom of the map became tokens tied to characters.
– Bullet time is now on toggle
– Unlocking hero artifacts is more interesting now
– Added information with expected earnings from completing a level
– Buff icons show information on hover (its those little icons above HP bar)
– Steam cloud support