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RuneLight » RuneLight Update Roadmap

Hello everybody! Elmok here. Things have been a bit quiet, but I’m hard at work on the first major update for RuneLight. Unfortunately this update will probably take multiple weeks if not months to fully deliver on, so I created this visual roadmap to track my progress in the meantime!

Let’s break down exactly what the roadmap means:

Weapons:obviously, I have deemed this update the weapons update. I believe Runelight does not have enough weapons and weapon variations to keep the game interesting for extended periods of time, and I’d like to spend the first major update correcting this issue. I plan to go from the game’s current 8 weapons to 24. Each of the small squares represents 1 weapon with 2 evolutions.

Resprites:I’m not happy with most of RuneLight’s current art and visuals. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s bad, but I will say it is boring, basic, uninspired. Over the next few updates I plan to rework pretty much every aspect of the game’s visuals, starting with the player. I have provided a sketch of the player’s design as well as marked the animations the player will need.

Enemies: I’m not happy with the current map system. I think it’s basic and boring, and I have plans for a completely reworked and more interesting system. While I won’t be reworking the maps as a whole this update, I will be adding a full cast of new enemies to the Forest map.

Other Tasks:I have also added a space for miscellaneous tasks and things that will need to get down before I can fully release the update. This is not a currently exhaustive list and I will be adding to it as development continues and I get a more clear idea of what’s missing.

To end off, here’s where the roadmap stands after the first week of active development:

Going Forward, I plan to post weekly roadmap updates on my Twitter and Discord, so Follow me there if you wish to see more consistent updates.