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Rogue Tower » Rogue Tower Forever

The End is Nigh!

One year from release this third and final planned major update brings many new things to Rogue Tower, and on its birthday no less. Happy birthday Rogue Tower.

Endless Mode!

Endless mode allows for you to take a victorious run to the next level and see how far you can push your defenses. However, enemies gain strong bonuses every level during endless mode making it harder and harder to survive.

Enemy Bonuses per endless level:

+5%, +10%, +15%… bonus to health, armor and shields.
+0.1 move speed.
-2g dropped (minimum 0g).
-2% to all university research.

New Towers!

This update also adds 3 new towers giving more options no mater how you play.

Vampire Lair

Damages all enemies close to the tower in a large area. Slow firing but huge area of effect. Good against health with unique upgrades allowing it to repair the main tower.


Fires a cannonball which pierces through enemies in a (mostly) straight line. Great against armor and if positioned well can bring devastating damage with its unique upgrades giving each cannon ball a chance to split sending shrapnel everywhere dealing even more damage with every enemy hit.


Beware any enemy who tramples the sacred ground of this legendary warrior. Sends a ghost sword after nearby enemies which follows them, stabbing them repeatedly. Deals a massive amount of single target damage over a long period of time with unique upgrades making it even more deadly against bleeding, burning or poisoned foes.

Other Changes & Features

-Damage Tracker can now be toggled between total and per level stats.
-Increased the hitbox on frost keep’s snowflakes making them hit more consistently.
-Deep Freeze I increased to 10% freeze chance from 5%.
-Enemies who are frozen must now unfreeze before they can be frozen again.
-Enemies who are frozen gain a slight reduction to the time they spend frozen if frozen again (decaying by 20% each consecutive freeze).
-Gold gained/lost from effects like banditry and frugal now displayed separately in the gold tracker.