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Rogue Soulstone » Rogue Soulstone Demo just released!

The demo for Rogue Soulstone is out now!

The game is currently under heavy development and this is your chance to get a taste of what’s to come, and more importantly, to help shape the future of the game! We are listening very closely to feedback, so pitch in, share your opinion, and let’s build the ultimate roguelike experience together!

What you can expect from the current demo version:

  • Powerful unique skills: Try your luck and make the perfect build with the skills available in the demo;
  • Synergise with power-ups: Loads of passive skills and power-ups available to assist you in the void;
  • Challenging gameplay: Death is not a rare occurrence in the void…
  • A glimpse of the future: The content in the demo is just a tiny bit of whats coming very soon!

What is under development and will be coming in the following demo updates:

  • New characters: With loads of new characters currently in the works, at least a couple will make their way into the demo!
  • Early look at the Talents system: Unlock and purchase powerful talents that shape your character from the very beginning;
  • A taste of the Skill Tree system: Upgrade your characters with passive skills and stat upgrades that will give you an edge in your quest for the Rogue Soulstones;

What is coming later to the full version of the game:

  • More of everything: New characters, talents, skills, power-ups, Bosses, enemies, scenarios… you name it!
  • Challenge system: Are you so powerful not even the warlords of the void can challenge you anymore? Turn on modifiers to make your runs harder and harder for unique rewards;
  • Achievements: Show off your skills with badges that only those who appease the roguelike gods can have!
  • More to come: We are listening! Is there something you think would be cool? Let us know!

We hope you will enjoy the game and, for now, we wish you good luck in the void, and will see you again soon in the next update!
– The dev team