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Rogue Legacy » Rogue Legacy – The 5 Year Anniversary Update is LIVE!!!

A special thanks to all the people who playtested while it was in Beta. Your feedback has been tremendously helpful! 🙂 🙂 🙂

After 4 long years, we’ve updated Rogue Legacy!



  • Olá! Rogue Legacy hass been fully translated into 8 different languages! Enjoy being robbed by Charon in your native tongue! 🙂
    • English
    • French
    • German
    • Spanish
    • Brazilian Portuguese
    • Russian
    • Polish
    • and Simplified Chinese! 🙂
Content Update


  • Mac and Linux versions have been updated to the newest patch.
  • Cloud saving has been enabled. Now you can play on a plane!
  • Boss remixes now only spawn in NG+ and up.
  • Donation boxes have been added to the game.
    • Having trouble with the Remixes? Power up your heroes from the past and give yourself that extra edge! Be warned, the price is high.
  • Prosopagnosia trait has been added to the game. You are bad with faces.
  • Clonus trait added. You’ve got the shakes.
  • Thanatophobia, a new achievement has been added!
    • Complete the game in 15 lives or less to earn this super difficult achievement.
  • Achievement Hunters Grace Period has been added.
    • It wouldn’t be fair to take away 100% Achievements from those who’ve already earned it. For a limited time, if you have all achievements except Thanatophobia, at the title screen, hold [L. ALT] + [CAPSLOCK] then press [T] to unlock it.
  • Mouse rebinding has been added.
    • 2207 comments later and we finally got the message. I hope you degenerates are grateful!
  • Stat drops now scale with NG+ level.
  • A new mystery portrait has been added to the game… Spook city.
  • Profile card layout has been updated. Pssshh. :
Bug Fixes


  • Removed the forced aspect ratio from the game.
  • Improved graphics stability for Intel Integrated video cards
  • Numerous bug fixes to calculating total time played.
  • Fixed longstanding bug with dashing forever
  • Fixed longstanding bug for being invincible forever.
  • Fixed crash bug when being awarded too much money in the elf mini-game