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Mechanibot » Robot Gallery Update!

Hey Mechanibots, here we are again with another big update to the Mechanibot demo!

You Can Look at Your Robots!

By popular demand, you can now view all of your robots in the new gallery! Conveniently found in a new room added to your base, you’ll be able to check every robot’s abilities, costs, and see if they’re even unlocked yet.

You can even put them all in a pile and take screenshots (my favorite part).

A New Exploder Robot

Cluster really likes throwing bombs. Like, REALLY, likes throwing bombs. It’s obsessive. We’re all okay with it though because of how many enemies we’re constantly surrounded by. Cluster helps with that. Thanks, Cluster!

What Else is New?

As always, this update comes with many smaller updates, fixes, and features. Some of my favorites are:

– Certain legendary robots now unlocked by redeeming missions.
– Starting Capital upgrade now gives +2 starting gold per rank, up from +1.
– Hack Mods: stackable upgrades found as round rewards.
– More boss and NPC dialogue.
– So, so many balancing tweaks. Pretty much every number in the game is now a different number!
– Rare projectiles-forgetting-who-the-enemy-is crash fixed.

Until Next Time

It’s just me working on Mechanibot and I wish I could work on it full time, but progress is going well and I’m very excited to finally share this huge demo update with you! Please feel free to use the in-game Feedback form to let me know what you think of the update and please consider wishlisting the game!