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Roboquest » Roboquest – The January Update is LIVE!

Hello everyone!

Find the full 1.1 changelist here:


Hello Guardians!

This is our first update post-release and it prepares the rest of the updates that we’re planning this year. But we’ll talk about the future and other updates later in this post.

Now that Roboquest is on many different platforms and fully released, we have a lot to prepare for each update and we had a very tight schedule for the January one. But we still had several changes that we needed to make, following your feedback and our data about the balance of the game overall. So here we are.

In this update, you will find many different small fixes, but here are the three main highlights:

Update Highlights

Lottery Luke is making its entrance in Roboquest.
It’s a late game NPC which requires Wrenches to be interacted with.
His current implementation is not final, we have several leads to make him better than he is right now, but we really wanted to have your feedback before diving deeper into that mechanic.
We won’t say anything more about him right now and we’ll let you discover it!

Balance Changes

While balance will always be an ongoing process, we started modifying perks, affixes, items and weapons according to your feedback and our data. We will of course continue to monitor those things and take actions when things seem to be a bit too weak while trying to keep things that seem powerful in check as well (usually, we tend to buff weak things rather than nerf powerful things, ’cause you know, it’s usually fun to feel powerful).

Random Diversification

The environments in Roboquest are a mix of handmade and random generation. For a long time now we planned to expand the diversity of those random chunks, but we’ve focused on higher priority things. Now that we released the game we have more time to focus on those kinds of things.
In the January Update, Quarry, Ruins and Aqua Station received new random chunks of levels that should help diversify your run and freshen the game experience.

The Future of Roboquest

We already discussed this, but today we have a roadmap to share.

We have a plan for three free updates after this one: the Arsenal, the Super and the Endless updates. After that, we don’t know yet.

Here’s the roadmap:

We’ll be continuing to post Devleaks on our Discord channel, so hop in if you’re interested! (please note that our Discord server requires an account authenticated with a phone number, but we do not have access to this phone number, only Discord has, it’s a 2FA system to protect the server from scammers and other weird people)

Finally, please keep the constructive feedback coming, we’re following as much conversations as possible, even if we aren’t necessarily replying.

Artbook and Deluxe Edition

The Soundtrack+Game bundle is evolving into the “Digital Deluxe Edition”. Basically just a fancy name for a supporter bundle which now includes the newly released official Roboquest Art Book!
If you already purchased both the game and the soundtrack, you should be able to claim the Artbook automatically for free here on Steam.

And that’s it for today, like mentioned above, you might want to read the full patch-notes here on Steam.

We wish you the best robot smashing experience Guardians, we’ll be back for other news and devblogs to keep you all in touch about our progress and development philosophy for the year to come 🙂